Saturday, 5 October 2013

More baking...

So, while we waiting for the electrician and plasterer I seem to be in a baking mood. Typical that this occurs when all around is utter chaos and only the top oven works.

Do you like my vintage new rolling pin? I bought that today in an antique shop, only £4. Quite useful for baking but also useful for the roller printing featured in this months Mollie Makes. For a minute there M thought I'd gone all domestic.

The apple pie is all gone. It met with approval, which was a surprise because M assumes I'm totally incompetent in the kitchen. He did comment that he thought there was a touch too much cinnamon. Really? Can you have too much cinnamon?

I have been up the rickety ladder and risked life and limb on the shed roof and picked a few more apples. I'm planning another gluten free apple pie but this time using the pastry recipe supplied by the gf flour: Doves Farm. Simpler and probably more reliable.

In the meantime... there anything better than the smell of freshly baked cookies? Oatmeal and Vanilla with chocolate chunks. This was my second batch. I did half of the batch with the chocolate for the family and half without for me. Yes I do realise that I get the better deal quantity wise, but they don't need gf cookies. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Jake in particular won't touch anything that he knows is gluten free because he associates it with an inferior taste. Little does he know he's been munching gluten free oat cookies all week!

Spot the conkers? I love conkers. One of the best memories I have of primary school is donning our Wellies and going out to collect things for our nature table. I can still remember the fascination of catkins. They just struck me as incredible things. The children bought a handful of conkers back after school on their walk from the bus stop. I was a bit of a conker champ who I was ten. They're with the solitary acorn that I picked up the other day and two silver birch leaves the colour of Werthers Toffees.

Harvey thinks he's getting extra frisbee catching practice when in fact it's just an excuse to collect things for my nature table!


  1. yum, I'll be round for a cookie later! I brought home a pocket full of acorns last week, I am such a squirrel.

  2. Cookies!!! They look fab - gf or not gf they've got chocolate chunks in - say no more! Yup - we've got a little basket full of acorns and conkers at the mo - hugely nostalgic and I still get a thrill when they pop out of their prickly case! Enjoy the sunshine x Jane