Thursday, 31 October 2013

The life of Riley...

We have a new addition to the family! Meet Riley. As you can see he likes to rearrange the cushions on the sofa and then climb on top of them and sleep.

Riley is four, the same age as Harvey. There were a few stand offs before Harvey decided Riley would do. Riley came to us through the magic of Facebook. He was free to a good home due to a new baby. I thought he might have naughty habits that would be a bit challenging. We've got used to having one well behaved dog. So far so good. He sits nicely when you want to put his lead on, he comes back when he's called, he's rubbish at fetch but one obsessive fetcher in the family is enough! He's also quite respectful of the cat. She's taken to him much quicker than we expected (she sulked for three months when we bought Harvey home as a puppy).

He doesn't seem at all traumatised for being re-homed (he came via the owner's friend, so three homes in as many weeks). He's made himself quite at home, and it feels as though he's always been here. We've been on lots of extra walks just to see how he behaves, and he's passed all the tests with flying colours. He doesn't bother other dogs, he doesn't go too far ahead of us, he understands 'wait' when we get to the end of the walk.

So Harvey has a brother and we have a madhouse!

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