Wednesday, 6 June 2012

rainy half term days...

I can always be relied upon to have a rainy half term kind of thing tucked away somewhere. Although I must admit this is presenting a bigger challenge the older the children get. Meet Bill... the hero who saved a 14 year old from boredom today!

We've had painted toe nails, sketching, listening to music (24/7), visits to friends, shopping, reading, homework (with much moaning), sorting out of summer t-shirts (with a big pile for charity ie. 'what was I thinking when I bought that?' but today, after a lengthy lie in, the teenager declared 'I'm bored!'

Note: Those words were totally banned in my childhood! It was a great policy because it meant engaging your imagination. Not difficult.

We love these sturdy cardboard push out, slot together models, though it is a little disappointing that when it says 'makes 4 models' what it really means is that you can only make one at a time. E was rather fond of Bill and says he can stick around until she's in the mood for 'Olen' (the horse).

The random graphics pre printed on the card are what makes these quite arty and interesting. Bill has fish and butterflies and angels and all sorts printed on his body.

Here's where they came from: Kidsonroof Totem Nature

We have Totem City too (when J gets bored with his Playstation; not in the forseeable future then!).

(The prices seem to fluctuate a great deal, I paid £12 for each box of these just before Christmas with free delivery, it might be worth shopping around.)


  1. always good to have some half term tricks up your sleeve! we did the summer tshirt sort out, ended up with a huge pile of "they don't fit........"

  2. Ah that's what we are doing with j's trousers and jeans. Wish they all had six inch hems I could let down! It's become a yearly ritual to get a big pair of scissors and chop them down to shorts.