Thursday, 31 May 2012


What do you get when you try to take a high catch in blinding sunlight? A bang on the head. I think this is going to be even more colourful in the morning. As the Mother of the only 11 year old playing in an under 15's cricket match I think I did quite well not to run onto the pitch in my flip flops and see if my boy was alright. It was a bit of a scary moment. In fact it was a good job his Nanna wasn't watching too, she would definitely have run onto the pitch to make sure he was ok!

*J* was more upset that he didn't get the catch than he was about seeing stars before his eyes and a lump that came up the size of an egg to start with.

It was such a quiet day until this evening's drama too. I cut out 25 (of the 50 needed) triangles from various bits of fabric, and I've been laying them out trying to decide on the combination. I just need to iron everything including the cotton tape and then try and feed it all through the sewing machine. Once I've loaded a nice big fat bobbin that is... one that isn't going to run out half way through the job!

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