Friday, 12 April 2013

A mouse in the making...

If there is one good thing to come out of creating this colourful basket of softies this Easter break it is learning how to create certain shapes in crochet. I already knew how to make perfect spheres, having made several juggling balls, well, three, because I haven't quite got the hang of juggling with four yet. I figured out how to do bulgy bits for paws and feet too. Bodies have been kept simple until now. So behind the scenes here I have been working on my very own pattern for a little softie mouse.

I am hoping he will be suitable for a November craft fair. We have several of those in the run up to Christmas. In a few days I will give you a peek and I'd welcome any feedback. At the moment he is legless and I am tying myself up in knots trying to decide what he should wear. Notice my creations are almost always male. It must be the tomboy in me still. I really didn't have much time for dolls when I was small. Though I have bought a small quantity of fabric for little mouse dresses, so we shall see!


  1. perhaps he should be a superhero mouse. he could wear a cape!

  2. What a sweet bunch of softies they are!

  3. A Christmas mouse - in a pointy hat - with a bell! There must be a name for the gathering of woolly creatures you have there - maybe a 'snuggle of woollies'? Jane x