Friday, 5 April 2013

Voodoo rabbit...

This little bunny is a bit late to the Easter parade. He has been a day or two in the making and very nearly got consigned to the reject pile on account of being rather fiddly for my large hands. Grrrr, those colour changes! Now that he has been assembled (with much fiddly and frustrating needlework, hence the post title!) I like him a whole lot better and all is forgiven.

He is exactly twenty centimetres tall, including his ears, which happens to be the dimension of my hand, from base of palm to top of middle finger. I am going to scale him up a bit though and make him a big cousin who stands a little taller.

Love the way he uses up odd bits of DK; there could be a whole rabbit family before long!


  1. I love the bunny, he's so jolly looking!

    1. Yes he is quite jolly isn't he? I feel bad about the voodoo now!