Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cat and mouse...

It is definitely time for M's computer and all it's bits and pieces to be moved away from the corner by the patio doors. Last year this was my armchair spot for sitting just inside the sunlounge on slightly cooler summer days or just plain blustery summer days (we seem to get a lot of windy days in Lincolnshire).

In fact, this year I am going to place two armchairs just inside the doors because my 'spot' was very popular last year. I tried the spot out today, without moving the computer, just to make sure it was still a good spot. It is still a good spot. More to the point it is still a good spot for crochet.

The fluffy stuff is crocheting up much easier than I imagined. It is losing some of its fluffiness as the yarn is woven into stitches though. I have read that this can be rectified by brushing gently with a small cat brush. I have just the thing; it's never been used in Mollie. Ironic that I'll be using a cat brush to fluff up a mouse!

1 comment:

  1. I do like the idea of having seasonal favourite seats. The cat's certainly have them! still loving the mices!