Thursday, 11 April 2013

New, old, knits...

The men went to see some live cricket yesterday. Normally E and I would enjoy watching it too but 7 hours sitting still in the freezing cold did not appeal, so we got dropped off in the city and went in search of vintage shop bargains.

E is the ultra cool one who looks good in most things but there are a few sweaters cropping up in these places now that span the age appeal. When I lived in Oxford and before E was born I used to have a couple of over-sized wool jumpers, bought from a shop in the Covered Market. I think they were about £50 back then and sold like hot cakes. Most were bright and colourful. They were fabulous to wear instead of a coat on a crisp autumnal morning. Over 15 years later and one is a little on the small side and the other is brighter than I would wear now. When I spotted one in a vintage shop for a tenner I assumed it must be falling to pieces or have big holes in it, but no, it's perfect. Plain navy with a big cream coloured star on it and still the perfect jumper for dog walks. I had to wash it by hand today and it has come up smelling wonderful. Actually I had cricket match spectating in mind when I bought it, J's first is coming up soon and we'll be watching E play this year too.

I couldn't resist the colourful stripey scarf in Oxfam for a lowly £2. It seems to be pure wool but not itchy. Not my usual thing but something to keep the critics happy who say I have too much grey in my wardrobe. Who me?

Talking of grey. My favourite buy was definitely the grey sweater. Just a simple design with a wide neck which rolls over. It doesn't have an info label as such but it feels like a cotton/silk blend. It is the palest grey with little colour flecks in the yarn. Right up my street and looks good with the new stripey scarf. A bargain at £5 from Oxfam too.

E bought some vintage rings for £2 each and a vintage sweatshirt. We must have walked hundreds of miles (well it felt like it) and we drank lots of tea (for me) and coffee (e).

I must be getting old though. Not only am I aching from head to toe today I also had to get out a calculator to work out how old I am going to be in October (it came up in conversation). Lost count and losing my marbles!

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  1. I love your bargain finds. The scarf is very cheerful.