Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun...

I accompanied M on an assignment in Ipswich recently. It's a bit of a long way for us but with the children otherwise occupied I though I would go along to keep him company on the journey. With a 6am start it was more a case of being there in person. I'm ashamed to say I nodded off on the journey there and nodded off on the journey back. It seems I need my beauty sleep these days!

Despite Ipswich being generously sprinkled with charity shops (I must have popped into at least ten) I came home with just one purchase. A fourteen inch Barney the Dinosaur in immaculate condition for £1.50. Initially intended for the dog (since his Teddy got covered in whatever they are spraying the fields with at the moment) I realised on the way home that a certain someone might 'borrow' Barney for a while despite the fact that she is 15. She won't thank me for sharing that she was a big fan once upon a time and I was never allowed to get on with the housework when he was on TV, oh no, I had to 'join in'. Oh boy, that was really beyond the call of duty. I still know the words to the sunshine song off by heart. Catchy.

The saving grace was dragging M into an arty looking cafe that was right up my street. M 'gets' these places now even if he does complain that the china doesn't match and his mug hasn't got a handle (it wasn't broken just arty!). The cafe was called 'Snob's Coffee Shop' and I think I am right in saying that it is located within the town hall. Spectacular ceiling above the cafe!

I love these places, just look at that groovy suite! 50s or 60s? Fantastic 70s lamp shades. Victorian armchairs. Modern art on the walls, for sale. Quite an eclectic bunch of customers too. With a craft gallery next to the cafe it is definitely worth popping in if you are ever in Ipswich.


  1. I remember taking Big Sis and Little Sis to a Barney matinee at Alton Towers - I still have the scars! Jane x

    1. Wow! Thank goodness they didn't have those when E was small then! I did have to suffer Noddy for a day at Butlins once though! Scared the life out of her too!

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