Friday, 19 April 2013

Thank goodness for little brothers...

Classically E left her photography homework until the eleventh hour. That is, having had an entire two week Easter holiday she left it until Sunday to get the camera out! Thank goodness the sun was shining that day and thank goodness for little brothers and pet dogs!

The brief was to recreate photographs by a famous photographer. E chose Herbert List, a photographer with a taste for the young male body. When J looked at some of the examples he decided he would model for E but not with his top off! I can't say I blame him. These photo's may well end up on display in the school they both now attend.

So, with United Nations Peace Keeping Mum (that's me by the way) and props advisor (Dad), bribed models (Jake and Harvey) and chief (or should that read 'diva'?) photographer we managed to get some snaps done...

Bear in mind that these are iPod snapshots of very poor quality print outs from the school photocopier. The originals are fantastic; worth printing out at our local print shop for E's portfolio.

First up, the selection of Herbert List photographs followed by E's recreations. The dog was a star, he posed just long enough with his teddy dangling above his nose!

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