Friday, 1 November 2013


Messy work going on in the kitchen. Big holes being filled with sticky brown stuff, otherwise known as plaster. The only place I can sensibly retreat to is our living room/conservatory. Just happens to be where I keep my crochet works in progress.

I've recently caught up with a pal of mine and she has a wee baby boy. Having visited for tea and a big catch up I think I've sussed out her taste in colours, oh and the baby was seriously gorgeous. I had these wool with merino balls with baby clothes in mind because it's a really soft blend. It's making the softest blanket and it's surprisingly good to work with. I've got two of each colour, eight balls, so I will just keep working the traditional granny squares until I run out. I'm using join as you go with the darkest blue so hopefully it will do for baby age and a bit beyond.

It was really good to meet up after about five years, it made me think how easy it is to lose touch with people, and how good it is to have friends.

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  1. so lovely, both the blanket, and the rekindled friendship