Monday, 6 January 2014

One step closer...

Things have been getting to us lately. The kitchen. It's a dirty word round here. Literally too. Dust, dust and more dust. It gets everywhere.

M has not enjoyed the process of tiling the floor, in fact he aches so much he took it upon himself to count the tiles he'd laid just so he can say, 'that's 168 tiles I've laid, no wonder I'm aching!'

The above pic is when all the appliances had to be shoved into the middle of the room. The whole floor is now complete and our temporary layout is back once more; with a bit of swearing though, because I had the audacity to suggest we retrieve a small piece of old worktop from my workshop so that we don't have to use the top of the washing machine as a work surface. You'd have thought I'd asked him to lay another 168 tiles!

The grouting still needs a bit of tidying up but all tools have left the building which is fantastic as we had more tools in the kitchen than crockery.

IKEA here we come! The kitchen needs to be ordered now and although we are aware that it will take weeks to arrive we have plenty to do in the meantime. I'm a great believer in fate. What will be will be. M wants an island and I'm hankering after a long farm house table instead. He will probably win on account of us needing the cupboards and drawers that will go under the island.

Hopefully some time this year I will have the 'after' photos to go with they 'before's'. Can't wait.

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  1. looking good, fancy demanding some work surface. how greedy!