Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I'm having a run of silly accidents lately. First I dropped a large metal sign on my toes. Across the bridge of my big toes actually and that hurt quite a lot. Then I managed to rip a  finger nail from the skin underneath. Last night I tried to rescue a ribbon of plastic that had fallen on a burning candle which was very stupid actually because the flame was working its way up the ribbon extremely fast. It resulted in molten plastic attaching itself to my fingers. I've never had such a nasty burn. It all went white and blistered up. After an hour and a half of searing pain we went to A&E who said we should have come straight away and with cling film on the fingers. The rather large dressings stay on for 48 hours then I go and have them changed. I don't think I'll be doing any crochet for a week or so, and M is fully resigned to making the tea for now.

It's funny how people react to such situations. M always assumes the role of fully qualified and experienced doctor. This annoys me intensely. J just wants to gawp at the gory stuff. E throws looks which suggest that anyone injured is surely going to die. Meanwhile, I feel like the only sane one who has to make the decisions around here, namely when to phone the NHS helpline thing. Thankfully once the decisions are made M is pretty good at making light of the situation, cracking jokes and taking your mind off it. It was a quiet night at A&E too, just a couple of drunks and a few others. I felt a bit of a twit sitting there with my fingers in a cup of cold water though!


  1. Ouch indeed. Poor you and not being able to crochet is just not funny !
    Love your blog. will be back to visit again,