Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pears and poems...

Do you like my new bowl? Hand thrown, beautiful glazes; blues, greens and rusts. Five pounds. Bargain. I found it yesterday after doing my Wednesday round trip to walk Archie who is on a two month holiday 'up North' with my Mum and Dad. There's a post somewhere with gorgeous puppy photo's (he's an English Cocker Spaniel). He's much bigger now but still cute. He really doesn't get the difference between paddling in the sea and paddling in a muddy puddle, and his under carriage and fluffy legs are completely white bless him.

It's a sixty mile round trip so I coincide it with other things; sometimes a trip to the huge junk and antique place which is half way between home and where Archie is. M&D live on the edge of a nice little market town and it has a quaint little Oxfam book shop which is immaculately laid out and maintained. On this trip I managed to get a few more of the key volumes on Ella's 'A' Level English Literature reading list. I wish I'd taken this subject instead of Pure and Applied Maths, it would have been so much more useful and interesting I'm sure. Needless to say I got distracted and spent the afternoon reading the selected poems of John Betjeman...

...and eating pears.


  1. I wonder if there are poems written about pears.

  2. Pear Tree

    by H. D.

    Silver dust
    lifted from the earth,
    higher than my arms reach,
    you have mounted.
    O silver,
    higher than my arms reach
    you front us with great mass;

    no flower ever opened
    so staunch a white leaf,
    no flower ever parted silver
    from such rare silver;

    O white pear,
    your flower-tufts,
    thick on the branch,
    bring summer and ripe fruits
    in their purple hearts.