Monday, 13 January 2014

salvage yard shopping...

We popped a bread mix into the breadmaker this morning and went off in search of a butler sink. We discussed sizes and tap mountings and plumbing parts and most importantly, budget. I suggested we be patient and not buy the first one we see if it was battered and chipped.

Our nearest salvage yard is only a small place with most things looking past their best and everything a bit wet and mouldy. The perfect sink was sitting in the entrance so we thought it would be ridiculously expensive. I let M go in to the little shack (office) to do the negotiating. £25. Wow! About a third of what I'd thought we'd have to pay, and M negotiated a fiver off his original price of £30. As it happened we spent the fiver on a solid wood stool which had seen better days and was missing two spindles, which m can easily repair.

Underneath this ridiculous attempt at upholstering a seat is a lovely wooden seat. It's not particularly old but it's very solid and looks lived in. It's going to get a thorough clean, light sanding and wax finish.

With a bit of luck I could have a plumbed in sink within a week. Happy days.

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