Saturday, 18 January 2014

Thrifting...and risotto...

On our recent wood gathering expedition we took a detour to one of my favourite small towns for charity shops (there's 8 in total!) M is pretty understanding and cooperates willingly as long as he can buy a coffee and newspaper and sit it out in a cafe.

I'm pretty certain there have been meetings and notices from head offices over the Christmas period because they all seem to have put their prices up. I mean, who buys shirts at £14 from a charity shop? No thank you Oxfam. I did however spend the highest figure I've ever spent in a charity shop for the above little beauties. Eight whole pounds, but they are totally new, never worn and black and white converse hi tops have been on my wish list for quite a while. Actually, it is here I must make a confession. They've been on J's wish list too. He takes a nine and whilst I am an eight, I like my Converse one size bigger. So I unashamedly said we'd share them! Actually I think he's had a bit of a growth spurt lately if his school trousers are anything to go by (perfect a month ago and now swimming two inches above his ankles) so maybe his feet have grown too.

We've been making the microwaveable gf sponge pudding quite often. M couldn't quite believe that we didn't own a proper pudding basin. Could have something to do with the fact that I'm no Nigella. New ones seem to be about £5 which I refused to let him pay knowing that I could pick them up easily for much less. We are now a two pudding basin family and for just £1.50.

The next purchase is slightly at odds with my taste in colour. I'm really not a bright red sort of person, though I did really like my £1 vintage suitcase and use it for the odd night away, so it made sense to snap up the little red vintage vanity case for £3.99 too. Seen here on top.

The lovely old lady, who might have donated it by the sounds of things, wanted to know whether it was for decoration or to use. Decoration!? I totally intend to use it. These suitcases were made to last.

Meanwhile, look at the side of my first kitchen unit! Woohoo. Love it. This is the double one that will sit underneath the island worktop. Just needs a coat of clear wax, a base and doors. M works at the speed of a snail. Though to be fair, I did cut his working hours by suggesting a nice risotto tonight knowing he would never trust me to make it.

Finally, a rubbish photo but one that gives the general idea. This is one of the floor joists sanded and coated with clear wax. No colour applied because it is pitch pine which is a good deep colour anyway. Four of these joined side by side will create our worktops. If I hadn't been forced to do traditional girl subjects at school (home economics and textiles) I could be building this kitchen too! As it is, I'm chief wood stacker (piles of wood with spacers in warm locations next to radiators) dog walker and tea maker. Actually I feel we've made some progress in our marriage as of today; M admitted this morning that I make a very good project manager. This was when I narrowly diverted a woodworking disaster as he was building the first unit without allowing a cavity for the back panel. We've had plenty of similar occasions. Even M recognised that it was a rare occasion when he is prepared to acknowledge I'm right. Just so long as I keep complimenting his risotto all will remain balanced!


  1. Lovely converse ! And what a bargain too.
    Loving your blog, will be back soon !

  2. Converse wow what an amazing bargain - they were on my grandsons Christmas wish list. Just found your blog and will be back x