Sunday, 19 January 2014

Taking the plunge..

A quick round up of just a few crochet projects of 2013. Yes I know it's a bit later than most for the 'review' post. It seemed appropriate to put a few photographs together in light of what I've just signed up for... a craft stall at the cricket club fundraiser. I do have plenty of time to make some stock. It's in September!

I've never done a craft stall with crochet items, just the thought is nerve wracking. Will they be good enough and how the hell can you make a profit from something that takes so long? I may have to refer to my book '30 Minute Crochet' for ideas.

I've been looking back over the last years worth of photographs trying to figure out whether there's anything worth producing a few of. The little oatmeal cardigan with the square yoke was an enjoyable make. I could cope with making a few more of those.

Toys are always fun to make the parts of, but not so fun sewing them all together. J's indoor football (from a baby pattern) was only twelve hexagons and I could just hope that people buy them for babies rather than twelve year olds who kick them round the house until they fall apart.

If I aim for one woolly item per week I could probably fill a 6x2' table and add in a few of the vintage toys I've been collecting for this kind of event.

My burnt fingers are on the mend. The dressings are off. It's been much quicker to heal than I expected. Still a bit sore when I knock them, which is often. I'm going to try to crochet today.

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  1. Hello Juanita
    So many lovely makes. Glad your fingers are on the mend.
    I love the look of the blanket in the middle of the second block of photo's. Was this a knit or a crochet blanket ?