Friday, 13 January 2012

Christmas all over again!

You know you've got a 'keeper' as they say in the States, when your husband calls you from the middle of Manchester and says his job finished earlier than expected and is there anything you'd like from the most amazing, well stocked craft shop in the North of England! I nearly choked on my morning cuppa. I whizzed round the virtual store making tentative suggestions. I was impressed he managed to find everything until he confided that he'd asked for a personal shopper! It seems Fred Aldous were happy to oblige.

Here's what I chose to be getting on with... some decopatch sheets, glue, varnish and brush (I've been meaning to have a go for a while and it fits my aim for 2012 - keep it simple!). Two packs of merino tops for needle felting (I was lucky enough to receive the needle tool and brush thingy for Christmas). A Yellow Owl Workshop rubber stamp set (pine cones look very Christmassy I know but I love pine cones!). Assorted metres of coloured hessian (I've only ever seen this in sack cloth colour, and use it for all kinds of crafts. I was thinking of creating some needle felted panels and attaching them to a hessian backing). A metre of natural unbleached calico - every craft cupboard should have some!

A few things were out of stock but I'm pretty happy to have some new supplies which I can do indoors (rather than go out to my cold and drafty craft shed).

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