Monday, 23 January 2012

when inspiration strikes!

I've been sorting and throwing out old magazines. I have one last flick through and snip out anything that catches my eye and might be useful design reference for future projects. I spotted a silk throw in last October's Living Etc and particularly liked the way that lots of colours are used but with a neutral ecru as a backdrop.

It occurred to me that I could probbly crochet a hexagon with a 'splotch' of colour in the middle and if not make a whole throw then at least a table runner. First attempts made great jam jar covers (a bit frilly) but then I realised that clusters of two trebles would work better than clusters of three.

I'm not sure you can see the picture clearly enough but the hexagons on the original throw have a sort of 'pixelated' navy outline. I've achieved a similar look with the blue/white twist cotton. My ecru is dirt cheap unbleached craft cotton which says on the label 'ideal for washcloths'. It's quite rustic which I don't mind at all but it would look nice and smart in a silkier cotton I'm sure. I think I'll need between 30 and 40 hexagons and a few halves to make a strip 3 hexagons wide for our table. Better get cracking then!


  1. Hi Juanita - your work looks beautiful! This is going to be beautiful when you finish!

    1. Hi, thank you so much for the feedback, especially as my blog is new, it's just the encouragement I need! 15 hexagons down, 30 more to go!