Friday, 27 January 2012

keep calm and crochet on...

The dogs snoozed at my feet whilst I crocheted my two stripes for the day. It isn't going to be difficult to achieve that target; it's true, it really is strangely addictive! The only struggle is putting colours together and coping with pink! I'm choosing colours I know my Nan will love which just happen to be all the colours I don't like. Ever since I could express an opinion I've rejected pink, frills and florals. I'm beginning to accept florals but pink and frills are still banned!


  1. I can totally understand the problem; I cope with that livid shade of fuschia pink but was never really into the pastels...

  2. Hello :) I found my way over here from Lucy's Attic 24 Blog. I agree, it is hard to work in colours that you don't like, but this blanket is going to look gorgeous when it's finished - the colours all go together beautifully... I've had a little read through your blog - wow!! Am impressed by your ability to blog so regularly, you've inspired me to resurrect my poor old neglected blog :) Thank you!

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your positive comments. My Nan used to be a fabulous knitter and I spent my student days in an amazing oversized aran jumper I still have, so I guess crocheting in pink is no real hardship! As for blogging - I'm glad I inspired you to start up again (I read your post, thanks for the plug!)I'm hoping I can keep the momentum going.

  3. Should be very pretty when you`ve finished it.. Yes Lucy is an inspiration, isnt she... l LOVE her blog too & look in there most days.. Best Wishes with your new is fun, l have most of my friends going into mine on a regular basis now-just to check up to see what we`re up to.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum ( aka Pam ) .