Friday, 27 January 2012

sad news...

Had a bit of a tearful day yesterday. Our handsome labrador/setter cross is very poorly. I found him in the middle of the hall floor yesterday morning having a fit (seizure). He'd lost control of all his bodily functions and it was extremely upsetting seeing him like that. I managed to lift him to the car and we rushed to the vet with me snivelling all the way, well ok, crying my eyes out - but thankfully by the time we got there I managed to 'keep calm and carry on' and ask all the right questions.

The long and short of it is that he has a brain tumour and it's starting to affect him badly now; we'd known something was wrong just before Christmas when the left side of his head seemed to cave in, but put it down to old age (he's 12).

Amazingly he seems right as rain at the moment, so it's a question of 'wait and see' and deciding at some stage whether his quality of life is sufficient.

He's an incredible dog; the most placid, docile thing you could ever wish for - he's helped more than one of the children's friends overcome their fear of large dogs. Hard to imagine life without him.


  1. Hello Jaunita...I've popped over from Lucy's blog....nice to meet you...just read this post about your doggie...sadly doggies just don't live as long as we do and it's inevitable that there will be partings. He looks just like our son's Riley...he's also very placid and a big softee. Enjoy him while you can and when it's time to go remember the good times you had with him.....Our other son lives near Alnwick - we love the North of England - it's almost forgotten about really and that's good!! Now I'm off to read more about you.
    I started blogging some time ago but don't do enough of it as life gets in the way...and 'being out there' can have it's problems too, what you want are just folks who will leave good comments and not hassle you. Best Wishes.

  2. Thank you Joyce. Comforting words. Jake is certainly getting lots of love and attention at the moment! We're a little bit more South than Northumberland but have had several caravan holidays to that area and we also love it. I guess I started blogging because I'm a little isolated, fingers crossed for just the positive side of blogging eh?

  3. What a difficult situation to be thoughts & best wishes are with you!