Thursday, 26 January 2012

two a day...

I've been reading Lucy's blog at Attic24 for some time now, way way before I could even crochet. Who couldn't be cheered up by her colour sense and happy vibes? She's a star! Now I can finally credit her with starting me off on my first ever crochet blanket. We have several around the house, all found in charity shops. Two are reasonably tasteful and the others will probably become cat or dog blankets at some stage. The thought of finally being able to create my own is very exciting!

I've always been put off by blankets because I struggle with repetitive tasks but I'm hoping I'll get the bug, just as Lucy and hundreds of others seem to have.

I needed a recipient in mind to provide extra motivation and I can think of no-one more special than my Nan. She's in hospital at the moment and her feet and legs get chilly sitting up in her bedside chair, so I'm going to make a lap size blanket. I'm setting myself a minimum of two colours per day - so that'll be 4 rows for the granny stripe design. I've started with a foundation chain of 150 which wasn't as daunting as I'd expected.

Whilst I'm crocheting up and down my granny (or nanny) stripe blanket every day I'm also setting myself a target of 2 rounds a day of my snood and 2 hexagons a day for my table runner. I need these self-imposed targets or they'll be sitting in their baskets for far too long.


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. Good that you started with a small blanket, because the task won't be so daunting. If you are changing colors, you will see that it goes fast.
    Good luck with crochet! I personally love it. It is so versatile and fun to work with.
    Best wishes,
    Ana BC
    (Lanas & Hilos)

  3. Hi Juanita,
    I saw your comment on Lucy's blog and wanted to give you a tip. Do you write your own crochet patterns? If so, if you could create a very trendy pattern that everyone loves, then post it for free, try to get AllFreeCrochet to link to it and then you will have visitors for days. I think you have to write information that your audience wants and then they will come. I hope that helps and I wish you all the best. I saw one lady do a whole bunch of posts on "How to Crochet". IT was a lot of work, but great information and she increased her readers by a lot! You can email me in Ravelry, ID = KnitbyMoonbeams if you want the specifics.

    1. Hi CYL, this is a great tip, many thanks for taking the trouble. I think I have it in me to create a pattern or at least some 'how to's' to start with so I'll definitely give this a try.

  4. I also saw you on Lucys blog. Regards, colette