Monday, 16 January 2012


We're several weeks into the New Year, but as ever I've been plodding along at my own pace and doing a fair bit of thinking about the year ahead.

I've been reading the lovely Wise Craft blog and other manifesto's and lists of goals for 2012 and thought I'd join in the fun:

M a n i f e s t o   f o r   2 0 1 2

1. Bravely venture into my yarn cupboard and locate WIP's. Make a list and prioritise them in order of usefulness once complete, and plough through the list finishing them all or unravelling and reclaiming the yarn.

2. Keep things nice and simple, whether it be knitting, crochet, baking, outings, craft etc.

3. Use up as much of my 'beginner's' yarns ie. nasty but colourful acrylic wool. Or donate it to charity.

4. Use up all the scrummy wool in my stash, preferably for gifts and try not to add to it at all this year. Ouch.

5. If I do weaken and feel the need to buy yarn, this year I want to support the British Wool Industry and try out the lovely unbleached, undyed shades of the many breeds we have on offer.

6. Blog regularly and improve my technical knowledge (which is practically zilch at the moment).

7. Bake more (I loathe cooking but sometimes enjoy making muffins, sweets and biscuits).

8. Come up with my own crochet patterns! This could be a challenge since I did my first wonky granny square only 5 months ago. (I needed to have at least one challenge on the list!).

9. Do seasonal things way way ahead of the season so that I've got crafts, decor, cards, baked goodies etc. all ready for the appropriate time of year. NB. Start Christmas presents now!

10. Chill.

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