Friday, 11 January 2013

Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre

Every now and then I get a little bit homesick. I miss the accents that I grew up with and even after all these years struggle with the various regional accents I encounter up here. Just half an hour in any direction and the accent changes quite drastically. Rather than moan about it I tend to just want to get out and about and explore the region I am living in, perhaps in the hope that there will be a little corner somewhere that feels like home, or perhaps just because that's what we did when we were children; at least we always seemed to take the dog somewhere different every weekend!

M obliged today and after running a few boring errands we headed in the direction of the Lincolnshire Wolds. I wouldn't go as far as using language like skippity heart beats but I do feel something quite powerful when I see proper hills. Is there any better feeling than climbing one and sitting at the top to admire the view?

We just had time to stop in Caistor for coffee and lunch at a place that was featured in a programme called 'Village SOS'. The building is called The Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre. It is part library, part cafe and part heritage centre. There was a small exhibition of photo-etchings there today. I was glad that gluten free was catered for in the cafe and found that their rocky road was gluten free too! Happy days!

We had a short walk mainly around the market square which was interesting for its Georgian architecture. Apparently a fire in 1681 nearly wiped the whole place out. Some of the road names were entertaining; Duck Lane even featured a topiary duck. There was also Horse Market and Butter Market.

There were tiny little alleyways and side streets that reminded me a little of Rye in Sussex though Caistor is tiny in comparison. One thing is for sure, the roads up here are nothing like they are in the South; the country lanes were very quiet on the way home. I do like quiet roads.

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