Friday, 4 January 2013

Our five yearly trip...

I managed to persuade M to indulge me in a family day out to IKEA! We last went about five years ago with much huffing and puffing and everything we bought then has been in constant use since. It was talk of meatballs and pasta sauce that finally did the trick (but I have to say the food was a bit disappointing).

Our shopping list wasn't ambitious at all; 6 mugs for the mug tree, magazine files, a picture frame, a tea pot with a built in strainer (for loose leaf tea) and a tray. We found everything except for the right size frame.

We spent the longest in the toy department despite Jake proving that they are both too tall and old for IKEA children's furniture now (see photos!). Ella couldn't resist a cuddly rabbit, felt pens, coloured chalks and new pads of paper. Jake had always wanted an IKEA snake. I guess you are never too old for cuddly toys.

Although it was a conquest of sorts getting M to agree to go, I didn't let on that I would be happy not to go again for another five years! I much prefer junk shops!


  1. I think Ikea always seems like a good place to shop until you actually get there....
    Much longer than 5 years since I last went!

  2. we always end up with a bookcase. and still we don't have enough storage. but we have lots of tealights......