Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snowed in...

I believe some serious snowman building is going to take place today; just as soon as E and maybe J (he is a bit poorly) complete the 'see who can get the most layers on' competition. I fear J will not last long dressed up for arctic conditions when he is already running a temperature.

J and I have some kind of unpleasant flu thing. This photo is my view for the moment. A bed tray with a pile of books and a packet of flu capsules. Those are the only two things I need at the moment and even the books are quite challenging to concentrate on.

M is doing a sterling job of keeping the tea flowing and very nice tea it is too. With our new tea pot we use loose leaf tea from Stokes in Lincoln; a blend which is ideal for hard water areas, and for the first time the tea actually tastes like tea. I am converted.

So today will probably be like the last few days; have a cup of tea, sleep, read a few pages, sleep, have a cup of tea...

Funny how dogs know when you are ill; Harvey keeps sneaking his way into my bedroom and cautiously snuggling up under my chin while I sleep. Aw!

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