Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flash and Batman...

Sadly the hamster died a few days ago. It was a bit of a shock all round. She was extremely well looked after. Clean, fed and fresh water daily. Naturally as a Mum I questioned my decision to allow E to have the pet and therefore the upset but I can safely say she did nothing wrong; we must have just been unlucky.

Initially we were not going to replace the hamster with a new one but on speaking to the pet shop to double check whether there was anything we did wrong we did come away with two new hamsters. Roborovski Hamsters! They are incredibly small; about the size of a Ferrero Rocher! Extremely cute but extremely fast and therefore tricky to photograph.

They are girls but they have been named Flash and Batman. They are very entertaining. They don't go round each other, they go over. The speed at which they scratch an ear would give a hummingbird's wings a run for their money. Fingers crossed they last a bit longer!

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  1. ah so sweet, sorry about the last one, they don't live long...... xxx