Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How do you choose your colours?

I am still snuffly and flu-like but I can feel my concentration levels slowly creeping back. It's been a chilled out week of short forays in the snow with the dog then darting back underneath a thick woollen blanket with a hot mug of tea.

Though I haven't ventured far from the house I feel as though I have been travelling... one of my Christmas books was set in Burma, Mandalay and India. I read it, enjoyed it, read a couple of other books and then fancied a return trip to India; hence my latest choice. E knows what I mean when I say I like it travel in a book - one of her favourite books of all time is The Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird. It's a good read even for an adult.

Anyway, with one foot back in the land of the living I am feeling more enthusiastic about crochet. The pic below is how far I have got with crocheting my scraps into stripes. I plaited the ends and now quite fancy it as a scarf after all, despite the revolting colour scheme; well actually there is no colour scheme. It is tempting to keep going and make it into a blanket but I could use it as a scarf now and turn it into a blanket later.

All this random colour made me want to put a proper colour scheme together and that leads me to the question 'how do you put colours together?'. I think I am pretty rubbish at this for an ex graphic designer, especially when it comes to the bright and cheerful look. I have studied patchwork blankets for clues but I can't see any hard and fast rules. It seems a case of 'try it and see'. Any thoughts welcome.

M has treated me to a whole armful of Stylecraft Life colours. We just picked the ones that appealed: Claret, Rose, Cranberry, Fuchsia, Cardinal, Olive, Navy, Denim, Fern, Cobalt and Copper. I have a project and pattern in mind. More on that later. I guess I will just 'try it and see'.

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