Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Christmas came and went all too quickly. It was nice and relaxed this year. The children turned twelve and fifteen in December. I can hardly believe it. On the one hand it's less faffing about with Santa's cookies and special deliveries. On the other it is a little sad.

Lots of nice presents exchanged hands. I am snug in my cashmere sweater, and the bright red colour is a nice change from charcoal grey according to my family.

Yarn and knit pro hooks were in my special delivery. Perfume and books too. Oh and Mrs Claus picked up a cue I didn't realise I had given (I said I wished we had chosen something more exciting for our wedding dinner set than plain old white Denby) and started us off with the gorgeous Halo range. I absolutely love it.

The mountain boards went down very well with the children who by and large managed to stay upright on them at a popular sledging hill we knew of. I on the other hand, did not manage to stay upright. I think my mountain boarding days are over. There were mutters of disapproval about our two county cricketers doing something slightly dangerous just before the cricket season but as Ella would say, 'YOLO'. You only live once.

On a more sedate note, M and I learnt to play backgammon. My brother and Lili bought mum and dad a set a few years ago and so I nudged them in the same direction for us this year. It's great, I love it. Now I just need to work on tearing M away from his iPhone and iPad for a game now and then.

Mollie came with us to my parents house for Christmas this year. We usually leave her in the capable hands of a young neighbour but she tends to turn into a psycho rodent killer and sometimes brings her conquests inside. Not only that but mum has never been keen on cats. Well not only did Mollie surprise us by not fighting the neighbourhood cats, or running away, or shredding the curtains, she revelled in being the centre of attention! She curled up on anyone's lap and sprawled out in front of the fire and showed off by leaping in and out of a cardboard box. Who knew we had such a diva on our hands? She hid behind a sofa for three months when Harvey joined the household so we imagined 'change' was not something she was good at.

Going back to school on 8th now seems a long way off. I am keen to get back to school and work routines that leaves me to get on top of the housework and start implementing the big clear outs I am dreaming of. Hopefully this will be the year of the big kitchen knock through too. Oh joy. Mess and dust and nipping out to the caravan to cook dinner!

That just leaves me to wish you all health and happiness for 2013. Thank you for dropping by.

Juanita x


  1. love the pattern your kitty has on her neck!

    1. Her underneath has a perfect arrow with a hollow arrowhead. It's quite remarkable. She was rescued from a divorce case where the couple had five cats and neither wanted her. Aw. She has converted even the strongest non cat people!