Sunday, 20 January 2013


I think it could be very productive if we were snowed in more often. As well as a bit of gluten free baking (muffins), M has been labouring over a batch of marmalade. Seville oranges no less. I do like marmalade but the smell of the oranges whilst simmering was quite overpowering. I won't be consuming very much of the finished product because of the high sugar content but I have had a small taste and it is extremely good! M is very proud of himself!

The ingredients came as part of a kit from Riverford ( which includes oranges, lemons and the recipe. They also have a video tutorial online. Just add sugar and your own jars. Easy peasy apparently (M did work up a sweat though and at one stage didn't think it would reach the setting stage).


  1. I see that Mike is very modest about his marmalade!

    1. Modesty is not in his vocabulary!