Monday, 14 January 2013

Icing sugar...

I happened to look outside at midnight last night and saw the first of the snow falling. The novelty and excitement never leaves you it seems. I tossed and turned and got up to have the occasional peep. This morning it wasn't as deep and crisp and even as I would have liked but it still looks like a dusting of icing sugar.

The dog was the lucky one who got to make footprints in the freshly laid snow. Several thousand of them probably; he runs about like a headless chicken. I have never known a dog feel the cold so easily though! He comes in shivering on a day like today; it's very strange.

He is tucked up in his basket under the old church pew in our hall, next to the radiator. He will soon warm up.

I feel very snug in my flannel lounge pants and sweatshirt. I'm on my second cup of tea of the day. I have been so unfocused since the start of the new year that I am only capable of crocheting something that needs no thought or concentration.

I had thoughts of a scrappy scarf and cast on about 5 feet of foundation stitches, did several rows and realised that no-one in their right minds would wear such a thing around their neck so I will keep going but turn it into a blanket. Just straight rows of half trebles on a 4.5mm hook using mainly DK scraps. Should be done in about a year!


  1. My dogs love the snow too, but we have had very little here so far. Crochet indoors is the ideal activity for this weather!

  2. We've just had quite a snowfall; about 8cm but the roads are slush already. Harvey has been bouncing through the fields slightly more camouflaged than usual. Thank goodness for his black splotches! I am definitely happy to be warm and crocheting!

  3. perfect weather for starting a new blanket! xxx

    1. Certainly is, minus 4 today! The cat wasn't impressed. She is hibernating in a cardboard box by the radiator! J x