Saturday, 26 January 2013

Simple, cosy...

I thought I would show you the two pattern books I picked up this week on my train travels...

The crochet one is by Rowan from their 'Studio' series. Number 29. Mostly serious garments requiring serious concentration but I liked the large wrap which looks appealing for winter evenings. It uses three strands of something but I think I would just use a chunky yarn in the first place. Since size isn't critical it could be a good stash buster, I have enough aran to do this one.

The other booklet (they are both roughly A5 in size by the way) is by Sarah Hatton. 10 More, Simple Cosy Projects. Who could resist a title like that in this weather? I like the knitted hat (see pics below) which is done on two needles with an optional bobble. Looks nice and simple, quick and fun and could stash bust one ball of chunky plus remnants for the bobble.

What do you reckon to the look on the models face? Reminds me of a certain teenager when you've woken her too early in the morning or asked her to put her cup in the dishwasher!

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