Sunday, 13 January 2013


A little bit of show and tell today! Look at this gorgeous yarn from M at Christmas. He had the good sense to ask for help with choosing and described my taste as 'natural, nature inspired and with a touch of luxury'. Mmmmh! He has been paying attention after all!

Llama, angora and silk blend each with the corresponding knit pro crochet hook. Needless to say I have been deliberating over what to make with this luxury bundle. Wrist warmers are a strong contender because I only have a hugely chunky pair which are great for warmth but look a bit ridiculous and you need an overnight bag just to carry them around when your hands overheat (yes that's how chunky they are!).

Oh yes, and you see that equally gorgeous silk crochet hook roll? Thank you to my brother and L, I love it. My previous hook roll was designed for knitting needles; so it was, quite frankly, rubbish for storing hooks!

In the meantime I am looking at my basket of odds and ends and thinking of doing a 'using up' scarf with thanks to T at Driftwood (link in my sidebar; I still can't do links from blogger for ipad) for inspiration. T is using sock yarn for a shawl and it is absolutely gorgeous. Since I don't knit or crochet socks I will have to dig out all my DK odds and ends.

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  1. oooh those yarns look fantastic. have fun using up your scraps, happy to inspire. x