Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A blanket for my little rock...

Goodness knows how many reincarnations this project has had before settling on a stripey blanket! There were thoughts of baby blankets (quick, satisfying project but no babies in sight!). There were thoughts of cushions (I have a fear of making cushion openings). Then I decided on a second lounge blanket, which it will be, but I am making it with Jake in mind. He really appreciates my blankets. The basket of aran wool (below) is what I need to use up. His favourite colour is red so there'll be a splash of that in it for him.

I started off with big squares in mind but due to wool calculations and boredom I have decided to do each square in two colours, so it will look more like stripes really. I am aiming for a single bed size. The current width is about half of that so I'll be making two huge strips, and joining them together.

I am using a stitch which seems to have several different names. Some call it baby blanket stitch, some call it ripple fan stitch. I think there are more variations too. It looks like it will take an age but it seems to work up quite quickly. I keep telling myself it isn't too girly for a boy. Just need to make sure the border is manly!

Mind you, the boy in question will be wearing a dress round about now and sporting a large handbag with shocking pink elbow length velvet gloves! They were given a short play, a list of parts and they had to quickly bag the part they wanted. J wanted a part with minimal lines and so quickly bagged the Queen's part before he realised it would require a dress! We are all still killing ourselves with laughter, especially since the last time he took part in a play he was a rock. Yep, your read that correctly; a rock. That was simply because he didn't want any lines at all. Progress, of a sort.


  1. lovely colours! love the rock story. my children always opt to help backstage, thus getting them out of lines and costumes entirely!

    1. Yes, J has been a lighting technician a number of times! Didn't have those in my day! :-(