Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blue finds...

We had a gloriously sunny day here in the UK today. Still very very cold but the sun makes such a difference. I had planned a big clear out but the sun was too good to waste so I decided to go for a walk. A city walk this time, rather than a country lane one.

It did take me a couple of hours to actually leave the house (so frustrating!), but I still had plenty of the day left. I drove to the old part, the Cathedral area and parked up. Having pretty much skirted the entire town, the long way, I was still feeling energetic so popped into a couple of charity shops on my way back.

I can never resist a good basket or a coastal read. I usually like my baskets more rustic but the chipped blue paint on the metal handles of this 'find' won me over. It would be perfect for filling with Easter gifts but we tend not to do Easter in a big way so it's probably destined to be a bread basket for the dining room table. The paint matches the colour of two of our mismatched dining chairs.

I also bought two more random pottery mugs for my collection. They have survived the dishwasher so they are good to use. I must photograph these some time. Chunky pottery is a love or hate thing it seems. Dad wouldn't enjoy drinking out of them, nor would my Nan have done, she sought out a proper china cup and saucer for a holiday cottage we once rented which only supplied chunky pottery mugs. Nan always did have class.

The book has planted the idea of a visit to the coast on M's next day off. A bracing walk then back to the car for a flask of tea and a picnic. Promise of a good picnic is all it will take to persuade M!


  1. Good on you for getting out. Now you will remember this day every time you get out your bread basket or see that book in your bookshelf.