Monday, 25 February 2013

Ticket to ride...

I forgot to tell you about our little run in with the ticket men at Liverpool station. Bear in mind that I won't even hover on a double yellow line for two seconds let alone try and cheat on a child's rail ticket!

I went through the gates first showing my ticket and stepped to one side, out of the flow of people, to wait for Ella. She was right behind me but had been asked to step aside to a third ticket inspector. I quickly went over and explained that she was with me. He politely asked how old she was and there was a worrying pause while he looked her up and down before he decided to let us proceed.

It never occurred to me that they would question her age. I suppose she does look older than 15 at times. Sixteen is the cut off point if you're not familiar with UK rules. Is this the same in other countries? Do let me know. If they had decided not to believe us we had absolutely nothing on us that would have proved otherwise.

Would Mr Chubbs, discretely travelling in her E's suitcase, have been enough to convince them? He was mighty happy to be back home and lying comfortably against his favourite bear cushion, occasionally flicking through E's latest reading matter. He doesn't know what Ella sees in John. He thinks Paul is far better looking.


  1. The age of child/young adult can be hard to gauge. My son is 26 and still gets asked for ID on a regular basis. Love Mr Chubbs:)

    1. Wish I had that problem! The question is, does he travel with his own version of Mr Chubbs? Lol.