Monday, 18 February 2013

Walking back to happiness...

These photo's were taken on our old coach road walk. E and her friend walking, chatting. J in shorts kicking a ball to M. It turned out to be the calm before the storm. Such is life with big children, dare I say, teenage. I think I gave my parents a run for their money at fifteen too.

Leaving father and daughter to sort out their own mess I did a sort of 'Harold Fry' yesterday afternoon. I stepped out for a sunny walk round the village and ended up having a sunny walk round three villages!

This is quite an achievement for me, on my own, since even for walks round the village it is sometimes difficult to leave the house. The weather was undoubtedly an incentive. I think it was about ten degrees with blazing sunshine. I actually smiled at the sheer pleasure of it. I set off with a thin coat on which was soon taken off, and just like Harold Fry I left the house wearing totally unsuitable footwear for a long walk. My usual every day boots have never given me any discomfort - until I walked six miles in them!

I am now sporting a huge unburst blister on the back of my heel which I am hoping will heal in time for our trip on Wednesday. E and I are setting off by train to Liverpool for a couple of days. She is a big Beatles fan so we will be doing all the related attractions.

Meanwhile M will be ferrying J to and from.... Yes you've guessed it, cricket training! Five solid days of cricket training. The smile on his face this morning says he is in cricket heaven.

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  1. 6 miles is a great walk, blister is not so good..... compeed plasters are meant to be very good. x