Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Beatles crochet...

E and I are off to Liverpool tomorrow. We have done this exact same journey/trip before when E was about 6 or 7. There was some kind of children's week or children's festival on with lots of events all over the city, including a fantastic gruesome body type exhibition with a gigantic nose that seeped green slime. Just perfect for children of that age! I can't believe I was mad enough to travel all that way by train with a small child but I suppose the train journey was one of the most exciting aspects for E back then with everything of interest along the way pointed out!

This time, instead of sitting opposite a small girl with golden brown wispy curls and bright purple clothes (she wouldn't wear anything but purple at that age) I will be sitting opposite a teenager with jet black straightened hair wearing a black leather jacket and black converse creepers on her feet. Thankfully no tattoos or facial piercings.

These days E likes journeys wearing headphones. This suits me fine. I have a big thick book to read, and I am also thinking of taking a project that requires just one hook and one ball of yarn. Maybe something appropriate...

A crocheted record album!

Image 1 from: http://blog.makezine.com/craft/crocheted_record_albums/

Image 2 from: apartmenttherapy.com


  1. Have a great day! I hope you take lots of photos and blog about it when you return. It sounds a really interesting day out.

  2. hope you have a great time. funnily that second cushion is probably the only one that hubby would ever tolerate, he hates cushions. sadly I feel the same way about the Beatles............