Thursday, 28 February 2013

In a thrifting mood...

Woohoo! I'm on a roll. I have been out two days in a row on my own. I'm sure it's just the result of the long dark cold winter and the sudden appearance of sunshine!

I drove for twenty minutes through beautiful deserted country lanes to Market Rasen. I made a large cup of tea and put it in a travel mug for the ride out there but ended up having it on the way back at a pull in with a nice view. I wish Harvey liked car journeys better. I used to have a large English Springer called Algie and he adored driving. He sat in the front (in the days when they didn't stop you for that) and just contentedly watched the world go by. If he got a nice walk too that was a bonus but mainly he just wanted to be with me rather than left at home. Harvey on the other hand, shakes with fear and hyperventilates like a steam train.

I did the four charity shops in no time then stopped off at the bakery of a cricket friend and bought the children and M a freshly baked farmhouse loaf. The smell of it on the way home was tantalising. I won't be eating any of it. I might, however, have a small piece of the shortbread I am going to attempt to make with gluten free flour and dairy free butter using the shortbread mould I found today for an absolute song; £1.50. I think they are quite expensive new.

I'm quite pleased with the oak candlestick I found too. Whoever labelled it 'Lincolnshire Oak' probably didn't have their reading glasses on at the time. There's a small printed label on the bottom that says 'Cornish Oak'. Either way I am happy. Another bargain at £1.50. For someone who loves candles I only have one other candlestick that will hold these single traditionally sized candles.

The limed oak photo frame was another £1.50 find. It fits in well here with other limed oak frames. I've been meaning to frame some more current snaps. Apart from the children's school and county cricket portraits all the photo's on display go back to when they were very small! Perfect for embarrassing them when their friends visit!

Finally I added to my rustic pottery collection. The blue mottled and green striped mugs are today's finds. The latter is marked underneath and comes from Bideford. A place in Devon that I've been to numerous times as a child. The salt and pepper pots are in unused condition and cost 50p each. I like the fact they fill from the top; so much easier.

Flowers from my lovely husband. (Wonder if he was feeling guilty about not lifting a finger while we were away?)

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