Monday, 4 February 2013

Big junk and tiny junk...

Just when I thought my cold/flu thing had gone it sneakily came back with a vengeance. My theory is that the flu capsules only put off the inevitable.

Other stressful things haven't helped this last week and my crochet mojo is even more lacking than before. I have settled on a project at last though; some rather large squares for another blanket. My last one (aran afghan) was quite a weighty thing in 63% wool and quite unsuitable for throwing in the washing machine. The current one has less wool content and is machine washable. Motivation has at last kicked in and I think this is largely due to how well used the existing one is.

Anyway, on to the subject of junk! M and I went for a browse in Horncastle this morning. The town is full of junk and antique shops, including an old church stuffed to the rafters. We weren't really looking for anything in particular except a certain woodworking tool that we probably had no chance of finding (needle in a haystack).

We usually just buy small and cheap things that are fun and we like, preferably useful though. Today was the exception and it took a while to convince M that we had stumbled upon the perfect bedside tables! They were labelled as small chests of drawers (M has no imagination when it comes to furniture!). A further problem is that we are not really ready for them because our bedroom is the last room to be decorated and currently holds a bit of excess junk from the space that will be knocked through for a kitchen this year. That's how second hand buying goes though. Buy it when you see it. M is still wondering whether £50 each for solid pine was a rip off. I think not! They weigh a tonne and won't fall apart any time soon.

Our second purchase was also a big lump of wood. A crudely carved or turned pot. M and I love it. E wasn't so sure about it. I think it will make a nice rustic utensil pot for the new kitchen.

...and finally the tiniest piece of junk, and I am so glad I spotted it while we were paying for the big junk. A piece of Rye pottery. Absolutely no idea what they sold it as in the first place, perhaps a trinket dish. It's a little piece of Sussex, a piece of home, I will definitely smile every time I look at it. The best pound I have spent lately!

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