Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Waffling away...

It's amazing how quickly this blanket has grown. You can just about see here that I've got to finish the charcoal grey stripe before I begin to make the exact same piece all over again, with the colours in a different order. Mmmh, this is beginning to feel like second sock syndrome; it's never as much fun, but I think I will be spurred on by Jake's enthusiasm for the finished article.

I like the stitch so much I am planning a new cowl with some black aran wool I've had lying around for a while. The advantages of the stitch are that It is double sided, works up quickly, creates a gentle waffle texture that is nice and warm and interesting to look at. Another bonus is that you could easily leave the edges without a border and it would look tidy enough. I quite like the fact that it isn't (to the untrained eye) too obviously crochet.


  1. I agree, it doesn't look like crochet at all, I thought it was knitted at first glance, until I looked closely and saw the crochet hook! It will look fabulous I think, no wonder he is excited.

    1. I am a bit worried about the centre seam but hopefully that will be neat. J really likes the colours especially the red. I'm trying to do a bit every day.