Saturday, 13 October 2012

a crochet cushion for a VSP...

A VSP (very special person) has had a bedroom makeover just recently and needed a new, more manly bedroom cushion (grandad look away now). It's been impossible to photograph this subtle duck egg blue accurately but take it from me, it's a lovely colour!

If you're thinking of quick Christmas gifts cushions have got to be a winner. I have leisurely crocheted a square or two a day and less than a week later the 9 squares are ready to sew together.

I think I will try a new type of back this time; two panels that slightly overlap with button holes. Last time I just sewed the whole thing closed which isn't ideal if it needs washing.

The design looked a bit of a jumble before joining the squares but they are ever forgiving and look ok now. In fact this colour scheme goes quite well on our sofa!

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