Tuesday, 2 October 2012

size matters...

Yesterday was one of those restless days where far more housework got done than anything more pleasurable (like crochet).

Picking random leftover balls of wool that appeal to me at this time of year and considering what I could make with them finally produced a conclusion... size really does matter!

I could make countless random scarves or wrist warmers with odd 100g balls but if I want a generous winter cowl in one type of wool I'd run the risk of being caught short.

So in future, when I add to my wool supplies I think I'm going to go for those whopping 400-500g balls, they are much better value too. A lot of my projects this year have used these larger balls.

See the large ecru ball in yesterday's photo? I've doubled it up (it was only DK) and I've started a simple chunky cowl; 'cause a girl's gotta have one in every colour right? Looks like being a 2 or 3 evening type project.

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