Wednesday, 3 October 2012

book addict...

I confess to having a bit of an addiction when it comes to books. It doesn't help that MrH and *E* both love books too. Though *J* doesn't read as much he never complains if we find ourselves spending time in a large Oxfam book shop and always manages to find himself something.

So, whilst messing about with blog surfing yesterday and updating my blog a little I thought it would be a nice idea to become an Amazon affiliate and create a little book shop which you can access from my blog!

My proviso is that I only list titles that I own myself, or in the case of the novels, have actually read (some are still on the shelf but most of these get passed on). This will enable me to answer any questions you might have, particularly about the knitting and crochet books, when considering a purchase - I know from experience that Amazon's 'look inside' feature doesn't always tell you enough.

(Knitting books to be listed soon!)

For those worried about the technical aspect of it (and I am barely up to date myself) the page is put up by Amazon so I don't take any account details or money or anything like that. They offer a small percentage of the cover price for books bought through my blog and I get paid in Amazon gift vouchers. Not being a high volume blog I don't anticipate that being very much but it's fun to share my love of books!

Click on 'Amazon Shop' in the navigation bar just under my header to have a look. :-)

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