Sunday, 7 October 2012

just doodling in wool...

Not starting another project, noooo! Honest! Just doodling in wool, seeing how these big flowery motifs work up in big wool. A truly, madly, wonderfully fun cardigan made up using different sizes and styles of crochet flowers; from Erika Knight's Crochet Workshop.

I just happened to have a bargain pack of 10 x Rowan Big Wool in my stash, bought years ago for £10 waaaay before I realised what 10 balls of this fabulous wool would normally cost! I would have bought the entire lot if I'd known!

So it is either going to become this mad cardigan thing which in all honesty would only get worn within these four walls or something from the Big Wool book of patterns which are all knits....

...but since I'm not starting another project it's a decision I don't have to make right now!

It's a fabulously mild autumn day with a strong whiff of bonfire smoke in the air, which reminds us that we still have lots of stuff to burn... If only we weren't all worn out or full of cold!

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