Wednesday, 17 October 2012

upcycled t-shirt...

If you haven't tried making one of these upcycled t shirt cowl thingies... grab an old t shirt now!

Mr H and I filled two charity sacks with old clothes from his wardrobe at the weekend including half a dozen old t-shirts.

I took a plain beige one and cut off the hem. I then snipped the rest of the t-shirt into similar loops of about two inches / 5 cm wide. One tug width ways and they curl up at the edges nicely. Group together and secure with a spare piece of t shirt (there are tutorials all over the internet). Voila!

The length varies according to the size of the t-shirt. You can plait the loops, use multi colours, chain small loops from sleeves, the sky's the limit!

I never knew how much fun it was to cut up your husband's clothes!

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