Wednesday, 17 October 2012

quick crochet beanie...

I've been looking for our winter hats and gloves this last week and boy, wherever I stashed them would make a good place for the family silver!

No hats or gloves meant I had the perfect excuse to crochet something! (I'm thinking ahead to bracing walks along the promenade!)

This beanie worked up very quickly on an 8mm hook using just one 100g ball of Superchunky (Patons Shadow Tweed). I used double crochet throughout. I couldn't find a simple enough pattern so I just increased from a circle until I had about fifty stitches and then stopped increasing, doing just double crochets until it reached just past my ears (ie. I kept trying it on!)

I found a new app for photo editing this morning. Fun eh?


  1. What photo app is this..I like the black and white with just the hat in colour!

    1. Hi Carol, it's called InstaSplash, it's free too! J x