Tuesday, 9 October 2012

homework I like...

I love 'junk craft'. You know the sort where you gather all the rubbish and snippets of things that you've saved 'just in case'? I have boxes of this and they do come in handy for the odd school project.

I'm not that old that we didn't have craft supplies for children in my day but it did tend to be mainly sugar paper and stars you had to lick and stick. Not terribly inspiring eh? I can remember doing an elaborate mosaic once using lentils, split peas, washers and shattered glass amongst other things.

Now that *J* is at the same school as *E* the same projects are popping up and quite frankly he needed a little help with this latest one. He laboured over the research and presented it all nicely on coloured paper. He did a design sheet of the features he planned to include... so I just did a bit of assembly, that's all.

It uses foam sheets, fabric, trim, an old stamp, sticky stars, ribbon and a small box lid, oh and large quantities of extra strong wood glue!

My last one got an A+ ;-)

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