Thursday, 18 October 2012

a scrumptious treat...

It's something of a miracle not eating chocolate, cake, biscuits or sweets since April. It's sometimes difficult when there's a box of something being passed round during a film but otherwise I like my treats to be of the fruit or wool kind.

Mum understands this totally; the other week she visited with a bag of large black grapes that tasted heavenly. She observed and I agreed that it was the equivalent of buying me chocolate.

Mr H is also understanding and today he took me out for lunch with a diversion via our local wool shop. It was all a bit pricey but with a pattern in mind I chose two balls of sock yarn in delicious autumnal shades.

With treats like this who needs chocolate?


  1. I have not eaten sugar for a month's a good thing to do and fun to choose other things to spend money on...wool and fabric last far longer than chocolate!

    1. Wow, that's excellent. I totally agree about the money; when you add up all those chocolate treats its equivalent to a lot of luxury wool! Like you say, wool and fabric last longer too. It's a win win situation! J x