Wednesday, 10 October 2012


One of the best things we've done this year is sign up for a local veg box scheme. It's a flexible system which we can alter online as we go.

I loathe food shopping almost as much as I loathe clothes shopping so having fresh organic produce delivered to the door feels like the ultimate luxury.

It's been a learning curve too. To begin with there were things I'd never seen before, like purple Kohlrabi!

The children are gradually coming round to squash now, having overcome their suspicions that it was closely related to the disgusting swede or even worse, the yam! To date I have done mainly butternut squash soup which has always gone down well.

Take a look at The Intolerant Gourmet (listed under blogs I like) for Pippa's latest recipe 'Roasted Masala Vegetables' which includes butternut squash amongst other things. I'll be giving this a whirl today, it looks delicious!

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